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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let's here it for friends!

As Allison commented on my last post, there really isn't much time to just write these days. However, there is enough time for me to tell you how amazing she is. I had a hard conversation this afternoon that was uncomfortable and challenging. I wasn't handling it well and asked her to come hang out and help me with a project. She came! SHE IS AMAZING!!!!

Top 10 Things That Happen While Hanging Out With Allison
10. Lots of laughing
9. Food/Coffee is consumed usually involving chocolate
8. Conversations about music and blogs
7. Plenty of story telling
6. The phrase "okay now you are scaring me" is heard at least once
5. Good advice is shared
4. Encouraging words are spoken often
3. God shows up with bigger plans
2. A few phone calls or text messages from Jeff...because

1. A planned short visit grows to several hours


  1. Sarah: "What color would you like the submarine to be?"
    Allison: "la la la..The Yellow Submarine...the Yellow Submarine"

    I had a blast last night- and have no fear! I posted the amazing drawings you introduced me to on my blog, hopefully everyone takes a peek and learns something new about themselves!

    Thumbs up for another 3.5-4hr chat with Miss Skoutz!!

  2. ....i would love a copy of the verse you settled on =)

    thumbs up for good friend time!

  3. Hi Sarah!
    Just stopping by to say hello and to catch up on what is going on in your life. There is no replacement for friends...whether it is just for fun to blow off steam or to get a smack up side the head when it is well needed. (Eric and Wally are good at this). Friends make all the difference. Jill says hi!!!

    catch you later,