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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Girlz Only: Inside Scoop

At the beginning of the school year a handful of Oasis leaders recognized a need for a gathering of middle school girls where they could kick back, have fun, discover how valuable and be stretched all at the same time. The results of that need has become the most incredible journey I've experienced in ministry focused towards middle school girls. Month after month we have had amazing events that have far exceeded any plans that we had. The whole process has a gift from God that he has allowed us to be a part of, and we are thankful.

Other than our spring retreat, this is probably the most spiritually intense event. 50 girls gathered at the Marriott in downtown South Bend and here is an inside look at what the night looked like.

- We had a fantastic dinner that was catered by the hotel.
- Chris Infalt talked about how God fulfills all the desires of our heart.
- I shared how we use spiritual disciplines (specifically prayer, journaling, and spending time in Scripture) helps build our relationship with Christ. During that time we gave the girls the opportunity to practice those disciplines and set some personal goals to help them take the next step.
- Lisa Vukmirovich taught about what the discipline of worship and lead the girls in worship through song. Let me just say our girls can sing and they dont' hold back.
- Allison Silverraven and Susanna Martino talked about serving on another and walked the girls through the process of serving each other by washing a friend's hands. The sense of community became very strong during this activity and the girls loved it.

I was blown away by how smoothly the evening went and how receptive the students were to the challenges they were given. They loaded the buses with more energy than they came with and ton more stories. Praise God for another great evening of fun and fellowship. Never underestimate what he has in store.


  1. Glad to hear it went well! Megan and Sammy looked like they were singin their hearts out!

  2. Thanks for this! It helps understand a little better what the night was about