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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What just happened?

Crazy things have happened today...

You all need to go check out Jeff's and DC's blog to see what happened at Oasis tonight?  What?!

I had a great conversations with some friends at the wonderful Bella Vita tonight.  It wasn't planned ahead of time just God crossing some people's paths to share about what he is doing in their lives.  It was awesome.

I'm learning the reality of my career in music being shorter than I expected.  It makes sense looking back at my journey why God has allowed some things to play out the way they have.  I'll cherish the ability I have to hear now, knowing it might not be as strong a few months from now.  There is just no telling.  Sidenote:  I'm still getting dizzy and my ears still hurt.  The medicine the doctor gave me made me sick to my stomach.  I go see the ENT on Tuesday.

I had a good conversation with a student tonight.  It was about pleasant things but it was good for us to talk through some things.  I'm amazed over and over again as God uses my story to help someone else.  Only he can do that.

Jason told me my cookies look like raw hamburger patties!  He is just jealous he isn't eating them. :)

Mr. Kurtis threw a paper wad at me in the middle of a rehearsal today.  It is a good thing he is bigger than me, otherwise, I would have snapped.

My favorite part of the school day: I had a student come knock on my door during choir today with an Oasis question.  I love it!  

Only 7 days until Spring Break!!!!
Only 30 days of school until our final performance!  Eeks!
Only 40 school days left until the end of the year!!!!!!


  1. did you just say your "favorite thing at school today?" - - at least it didn't involve an iron this time :)

    see you tonight*

  2. I remember the days of counting down. Hang in there. You're in the home stretch.