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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girlz Only - March

I had a blast today hanging out with our middle school girls.  This was the smallest event we've had due to ISSMA and other random activities going on in the area.  But the girls had a great time anyway.  

We started our morning at the church getting to know each other and doing some hilarious skits.  Each group of girls was given a bag of very random objects and a scenario that they had to act out.  Some of those scenarios included:
  • The first time Brooke and DC met
  • Jeff and Johnny walk into a coffee shop
  • Katie and Sarah fly to outer-space
  • Mark Beeson starts a rock band
The girls came up with some hilarious skits.  We did it American Idol style and I had the honor of playing Simon.  It was hard to be the mean guy when I loved the ideas the girls came up with.  Then Angela Bryant took us to Saint Mary's for lunch and a tour of campus.  She also talked to the girls a little bit about the importance of an education and how it relates to our relationship with Christ.  She was amazing.

I'm off to the church now.  I am excited for service and can't wait to hear how the Guys Only went last night.  Enjoy the pictures.  (Yes I know I still need to finish the Chick Night pictures.  They will be coming soon.  This deadline came first!)

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  1. So you were Simon huh? Funny thing is, I clearly remember your dad being Simon when we did American Idol my senior year of high school. He played a very good Simon too and it cracked me up as the camera person...