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Sunday, February 22, 2009

From the Inside Out

This has been one crazy week. Ups and downs all over the place. As I look back at it I'm completely humbled by all that God has done. I'm sensing it might be time to take another huge leap of faith in my journey. You know, one of those steps where you pick up your foot not really knowing what the ground will look like where you put it down.

I can't help but feel like God is about to do something that is going to shake up my world. That makes me very nervous. The darn unexpected. Some days I hate how nervous it makes me. After all if it is a step God is calling me to make, I'm sure he has everything covered. Why do I get so nervous about trusting him? He has NEVER let me down. That darn unknown and my love of control. It gets me every time!

We did one of my favorite songs at GSM tonight, From the Inside Out. It has been my prayer since the first time I heard it. This week is no different. All I want is for my life to be this amazing gift of praise that brings glory to God. I long for him to consume all of me. Even my fear of the unknown, my stubborn independence and need to have control.

I've failed WAY more than a thousand times and I still don't have the whole journey figured out. But I do know that with each step I'm finding less of myself in me and more of Christ. That is all God's grace.

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  1. So sometimes work lets me get onto blogspot and today is one of those days. i don't blog, but love reading what other people have to write. i have to agree with your post. having the strength to honestly say to God "take it all" is a risk, but one that has unlimited reward. The unknown is so intimidating at times though : ) Keep up the good work. Your impact on those around you is evident and awesome.