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Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Official!!!!!

Today my brother, Matthew, and sister-in-law, Nicole, went to court for the last time and officially adopted my nieces Aggie and Gwen. Their names are legally changed and we are all so thankful!!! These girls are so beautiful and incredibly hilarious. I understand there was lots of picture taking and even cookies and milk! The girls were even given the gavel used to close the case.

Gwen's response to today's court date: "Good. We don't have to come back here again." Aggie took control of the court room, climbing on the judge's lap and wearing his robe. Taylor and Logan were included in the festivities and well and seemed to be pretty excited. However, Logan is convinced that his Mom and Dad are now going to "buy" him a brother.

I plan on posting pictures when I get my hands on some but until then here is one of my favorite pictures I've taken of their family.

The Koutz Family: Matthew and Nicole
Gwendalyn Joy, Aggie Ruth, Logan Matthew, and Taylor Lynne

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  1. In response to my final battle: it seems that in the later parts of my life I become a cowboy...didn't see that coming.