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Thursday, February 05, 2009

A little help please

I'm almost through the first week of the workout Brooke helped me create. I didn't think it is was possible for my body to ache as much as it does. I'm still alive and the ankle is holding up well, which makes me happy.

The problem is my workout playlist is in need of some new tunes. So friends help me out here. Give me some good workout tunes and I'll add them. Other than five songs I picked at random today, you get to create the entire playlist. I can't believe I'm doing this. You should feel special knowing I'm give you all this freedom. This workout bit must be making me crazy.

My Random Five:
Adding to the Noise - Switchfoot
Ain't Nothing Wrong with That - Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World
Count Me In - Leeland
We Won't Be Quiet - David Crowder Band

Bring on the songs!


  1. Well the Allman Brothers Band comes to mind (just because that's what's playing on my iTunes right now. A lot of their stuff is pretty upbeat, which is the kind of thing I would need for a workout regimen.

    Their Decade of Hits album has a lot of great stuff on it. Statesboro Blues, Ramblin' Man, Midnight Rider, Southbound, One Way Out...and lots more.

    If I had to narrow it down to one song I'd have to say "Whipping Post" just because (1)the title/theme of the song seem funny when combined with the idea of a workout, (2) most notably the repeated line "Oh Lord, I feel like I'm dyin'", and (3) as a music teacher you'd appreciate the 11/8 time intro section.

  2. My cardio playlist includes 102 songs. And I just added two more... It's massive. You should look through it sometime!

  3. Rock and Roll by Eric Hutchinson. Now you better add it :). If you do not have it I will get it for you, one of my favs. So next time I am like SKoutz let me see your IPod and playlist, I want to smile :). It was great seeing you last night have a great day at GSM!!!!!!