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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sandwich Party!

Imagine having a table full of everything you could possibly need for a sandwich, great snacks to go with it, an endless amount of laughter AND amazing friends. It is a great picture, isn't it?! Well that is exactly what took place Friday night at my apartment. We added even more excitement by going old school and did a little puff paint decorating.

Why would we do such crazy things. Well because I LOVE sandwiches and have always thought it would be the greatest thing ever. So I grabbed some friends and we gave it a shot. It was a absolutely amazing. See for yourself!


  1. please please, don't let this photos fool you - - it was quite amazing. life-changing actually...puff paint is exciting...but iron-ons are next.

    watch out!

    i love my friends* it was a blast!

  2. umm...really allison - - check ur spelling and grammer before submitting comments. goodness!!

    don't let THESE photos fool you...

    i think i need sleep...