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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Classroom vs Gym

I started a new workout plan today and I've concluded I need an easier plan. Wow am I out of shape! While I was praying my way through Brooke's Crazy Core Cardio Class I had the realization that the gym and my classroom aren't horribly different. There are some common threads that just show up in different ways. Let me give you some examples.

1) Comparison Game -
Classroom - When someone else is better students quit so they don't look dumb.
Gym - People do dumb stuff to make themselves look better.

2) Excuse Game
Classroom - Make the stupidest excuses ever for not doing the work.
Gym - Make the stupidest excuses ever for not doing the work.

3) "Ya feel me?"
Classroom - Do you understand what I'm trying to say Miss Koutz?
Gym - Are you in pain yet Sarah?

4) Striving to Survive
Classroom - Dodging things being thrown at you, avoiding punches thrown in a fight, keeping your hearing during a student meltdown
Gym - Not passing out, puking, crying or dying in Brooke's class

Let me make sure I make this perfectly clear. Brooke is an INCREDIBLE trainer. She is encouraging the entire time she is pushing you to your breaking point. She has helped me find an individual workout plan the works well for me. If she can motivate me to fit a workout into my schedule she can help anyone. Thinking of joining a gym or need a good workout plan, she is the one to help you out.

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