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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pure Randomness

Spooky Week - If you are into superstitions, you know this week had the potential to be down right horrible. There was a full moon earlier in the week and today was Friday the 13th. The full moon seemed to have the opposite affect on my students this week. (Thank you Jesus!) And my younger students proved everything true about Friday the 13th. They were a hot mess today.

Middle School Dances - I am the worst middle school dance chaperone there is because all I can do is laugh. I almost fell off the bleachers today as I was chaperoning. That is pure entertainment my friends.

Valentine's Day - Much like St. Patrick's day, I often forget this holiday exists. But I did receive some wonderful valentines from some students and staff members, including a "cheese cake." I'll be spending the day with my parents and brother on a little road trip to see my little sisters.

Cats - I'm sure I'll lose readers due to this comment but I hate cats! 'Nuff said.

Memphis - This is where I wish I was this weekend. Some of our GSM students and leaders hopped on a bus this morning to head south for the Student Life Conference. Kristian Stanfill is leading worship and Francis Chan is teaching. The good news is I was able to catch tonight's session online. Francis Chan was incredible!!!! I wish all of you could have heard it. Did I mention the bus has WiFi?

Packing - I hate it too. I'm waiting until the last minute and packing tomorrow morning. I'll probably regret it but I'm over it.

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