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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Special Request: Funny Story

Most of you know that I play keys for our student ministry program almost every weekend. Some of you know Seth Bible and know that he is our worship leader. Seth has some amazing skills and is one of the most humble people I've every met. Seth has a huge fan club, including several of my students from school. Thursday I had this conversation with one of those students.

Miss Koutz: So what did you think of service last night.
Student: Actually I get a little bored when I have to be upstairs.
Miss Koutz: I understand. Do you go to the Air Force room for Journey Class?
Student: Yea.
Miss Koutz: That's cool. I was thinking of playing with their band. I thought that might be fun.
Student: It is. Hey, aren't you in THE Seth Bible band? (This was said with LOTS of enthusiasm)
Me: Umm....yes?!
Student: I thought you were. I saw you practicing with him one night. That is awesome!
Okay so I'm not really in THE Seth Bible Band. I just loved the fact the student thought I was "in a band" and the fact he thinks playing for GSM is THE Seth Bible Band.

Seth thought the story was funny. In fact it was his idea to blog about it. Hence the post title, Special Request. May be if you come up with a good blog post idea and share it with me, I'll write post just for you. Any ideas?

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