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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hangin in the 'Burg

I am back in Vestaburg visiting my parents this weekend. I haven't even been here for a whole day and it is already proving to be an interesting trip. I got started 45 minutes later than normal because I got horrible direction to a library I needed to go too. On the drive home my nephew called to see if I was there yet. He wanted to see if I brought my marshmallow gun because he was coming to spend the night and was bringing his.

I met my Dad in Edmore for a Burger King date. It was fun to vent about school and laugh with him all at the same time. We stopped at the grocery stop to pick up what we needed to make wheat-free pizza tomorrow. This is a tradition when I come home! The first thing I did after I changed out of my "teacher clothes" was vacuum. My parents laughed at me but I felt better afterwards.

Shortly after that we got a call from my brother saying that Logan and taken a nose dive of the front porch and they were taking him to the hospital. Matthew dropped Logan and Nicole off at the hospital and met dad half way to get the girls. Fortunately, the doctor said Logan was fine and didn't show any major signs of a concussion. I know he will be fine because he spent the rest of the night copying everything I said and did. And as always...

Kids Say the Darndest Things:
Logan: I have three sisters.
Sarah: Yes you do.
Logan: I want another boy.
Sarah: I know you do.
Logan: You need to buy me one! Go to the store.

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  1. kids are the best! that little convo reminds me of one I've had with my cousin, she's hysterical*