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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leaving Middle School With Regret

Oasis was a blast last night. I missed meeting with my girls but I heard they had a great conversation with Nea. I always enjoy playing with the band. Our students were singing out strong last night. I love it when you can hear their voices over your in-ears. Last night there were some new Oasis adventures for me.

I had the opportunity to speak to our students about choices and regret. This series called How to...Ruin Your Life. I shared a little bit about my middle school years and some traps I found myself dealing when it came to making choices. Here is a little closer look.

Message: How to Leave Middle School with Regret
Series: How to...ruin your life.

Every choice we make has consequences that stay with us. These choices create a chain reaction.

Rob Wegner's domino video explains this better than anything else (and our students love it.)

There are some middle school traps where our choices could get us in trouble. These traps could ruin our lives:
+ Don't accept responsibility for your choices.
- Decide in advance the right thing to do.
- When you make the wrong choice, decide in advance to live through the consequences and learn.

+ Let people pull you into their traps.
- You have to live with the consequences of other people's poor choices.
- Our choices affect those around us.
- Mouse Trap game - you may lose the game because someone else chose to put you in the trap
- Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they people who may pull you into some rough traps?

+ Look out for the wrong #1.
- We face an outward vs inward struggle in ourselves and in our relationships.
- Who is in your #1 spot? A guy? A girl? Yourself? God?

Making the right choice gets easier when we set place God as our #1. We decide in advance to point our feet in his direction and walk his path. (Proverbs 4:25-27)

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  1. you did a great job on Wednesday!