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Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

It is interesting how the way we celebrate holidays changes over the years. Especially holidays like President's Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

When I was in elementary school: On our walk to school we didn't stop by the post office to get the mail. At school we spent the day learning about these famous individuals and making silly crafts with their silhouettes. I probably color hundreds of pictures of dead presidents in grade school.

When I was in junior high and high school: We took a break from whatever we were doing in our social studies and history classes to talk about the significance of these men and the impact they made on our society. But in my dad's math class it was still grade yesterday's assignment, possible quiz, lecture and a new assignment.

When I was in college: Oh it's President's Day today? That explains why there is no mail.

Now that I'm teaching: Hooray for President's Day! I am sleeping in. We should celebrate this every Monday.

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  1. You forgot the somewhat-obligatory "Oh, it's Presidents' Day. Better hit up the good sales..." Good ol' materialism -- the American Dream.