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Monday, February 25, 2008

Pain in my ear...

For the last two weeks my right ear has been hurting horribly. This weekend it got much worse. Usually I would go at the first signs of pain because of all my previous problems. However, I got sick of the doctor telling me it looked fine and having nothing to fix the problem.

Today I finally decided to give in and go see my family doctor. I'm glad I did. It appears there may be a problem with the tube in my right ear. The doctor wasn't able to get a good look because of the tube's angle. Therefore she couldn't be certain whether there was an infection or not. She hooked me up with some ear drops that are safe for my tube and may take care of the problem. If I don't notice a change this week I'll have to go back to the specialist who has the proper tools to get a better look.

We'll see what happens this week.

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