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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Top Ten, #6

Jason hit another homerun tonight. Commandment number 6: Do not murder! Three simple words…a ton of depth. Here is the short version of what I walked away with tonight.

- Am I too busy or too distracted?
- Do I have an underlying hum of anger? Is the anger and issue of selfishness?
- The Way of The Heart is going to be added to my Henry Nouwen collection
- The way I deal with my anger will define me.
- God created the ability to be angry. Satan can only take it, manipulate it and pervert it. Hiding behind every sin is something pure that has been perverted.
- We need to move from the wrong kind of anger (selfish) to the right kind of anger (Godly).
- Mark 3:5 – RESTORED – God can restore the pure thing that has been perverted. We can be agents of that restoration.
- We grow and get a greater picture of life before sin. We rub against a world of sin and get riled up.
- Let your godly anger cause you to serve, to love, to restore hope, to cause God to form you.

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  1. It WAS an awesome message, and I loved the new things Dan tried! What a great night!