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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photo Memories

I mentioned in a previous post that when the winter seems like it will never end I like to look through old photos. I thought I would share a few of the ones that made me smile extra big this weekend. There are a ton but I narrowed it down for you.

Christmas 2007 - Actually it was a picture from Lois's wedding that took me to this picture. Aggie and Gwen weren't a part of our family when she got married so I decided to pull out the picture with all of us. I love my BIG family!

This picture is actually from my sister, Elizabeth, but I love it. Look at Emily's eye through that bubble.

This is the first of about four Lifespan Development classes Jeffrey, Roger and I actually attended. I don't remember what activity we were suppose to be doing but I know all we did was mess around. My friend Ted no teaches the class at Bethel. If he would have taught it then I would have actually had to go.

I just found out this week my friend Becky is moving closer! This makes me very excited. Jeffrey, Becky and I did a ton of things together while we were in college and occasionally will have dinner at Logan's. They are the greatest friends EVER!

This picture was taken after my ordination a few years ago. I really miss being in full-time vocational ministry. Ultimately my goal is go back into ministry, but for right now God has me teaching. So I will do it the best I can until he says otherwise.

Roger and I were some of the first Instrumental Music Ed majors at Bethel. We had most of our classes together. After doing some other work, he just got his first teaching job in New York. He and his wife just bought their first house. I miss them a lot.

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  1. I totally feel you on this one - is spring ever going to arrive...??? I love looking back at old photos - - and you picked some good ones :)