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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Manic Monday Madness

Yesterday I had a bad cause of the Monday blues so I decided to go to bed at 9 PM. Who does that? I'll tell you who doesn't. People who like to break into cars! That's who doesn't go to bed at 9 PM.

About 15 seconds after I walk in my bedroom and turn the light on, my car alarm starts going off. I turn off the light look out the window and sure enough there are two guys out there and my trunk is open. One has already started to run away. The other still shocked that the alarm went off. (Even I didn't know that would happen!) So I grab my keys and cell phone, slip on my shoes and run outside. I was about to let them have it.

Of course they were long gone by the time I got out there. There was no damage to the car and nothing was missing. The most valuable thing in my car is my old softball mitt and I need a new one anyway. All was well so I locked it up and went back inside.

I called my parents to tell them the story and my mom was none to pleased with me. She gave me a good lecture about how dangerous it was to run outside. I told her next time I'll take my dart gun with me. She still wasn't impressed but I wasn't even scared. Shoot! Try to mess with my car when I bust out my teacher voice and dart gun. They will run away in tears if they come in contact with that combo!

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