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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


- I think wheat should be banned from our society. I'll be paying for the wheat that slipped into my food for the next month. No joke!
- I'm trying to learn how to let go of the hard days and look forward. Harder said than done.
- My brother finds pure enjoyment out of pushing my buttons.
- Adoption Party this weekend. I get to see ALL of my nieces and nephew.
- I'm already in pain from today's workout. Tomorrow I won't be able to move.
- I cleaned our apartment this weekend (except my room) and it is already a mess.
- I'm so excited about Deeper Life and Rock Lake this year. Love the book of Hebrews.
- My computer is currently making weird noises. I keep saying I'm going to take it in but haven't.
- I want a chocolate chip cookie and brownies...both are wheat infested.
- Reason #107 Why I Love Meijer - They hooked me up with a good price for iron pills. I can't believe my iron is STILL that low. Stupid!!!!
- ISTEP week is of the devil.
- #1 Pet Peeve - Stupid People (you know the ones who fail to use common sense)
- I hate that my brain turns on when it is time to sleep.
- Learned some great new punches in Brooke's cardio class today. I don't think Anna and I will need our dart guns anymore.

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  1. My brain turns on when it is time to sleep too...I'm not sure of it's state the rest of the day. :)