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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


- I think it is funny the announcement on the top of my screen says "Thursday (3/25)." I do that ALL the time.
- Band directors are possibly the oddest people you'll ever meet. Put them together and you'll either laugh hysterically or run and hide.
- Excuse me who is that?
- I'm so glad baseball/softball season is here. I still think I made the right decision by not coaching.
- Change can be such a good thing.
- I can't wait to get notes from tonight's Journey Class from my buddy Jeanna. She rocks!
- Why am I writing this blog? I should be sleeping or catching up on reading?
- I think I try to call my sister tomorrow to see how her broken toe is.
- Spring break is 9 days, 7 school days, and one concert away. I should make some plans.
- I'm still planning to take over the world. Plans have been adjusted slightly and final details are coming into place.
- This really isn't so random tonight. Mostly because my brain is dead right now.
- GCC-E moves into their new location this weekend. Yippee!!!
- I'm hungry for air-popped popcorn but it is too late.
- I'm VERY excited about an evening of nothing tomorrow!

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