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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simple Phone Call

There are a few things that just seem to be weighing me down this week and I've struggled to kick past it. I was thinking about these things as I left work today. I was about two blocks from the school when my phone rang. I was a little surprised when I saw the name of a good friend and the conversation I was about to have was not at all what I expected.

Simple phone call with the only purpose being to encourage. There were no strings attached. It wasn't a special occasion. Simply, Thank you. I appreciate you. You encourage me. I'm grateful for you. I see Jesus in you and here's how.

Umm...what?! Did my friend dial the wrong number? Those words keep running through my mind. I've been speechless since then. All evening I've struggled to process it all. Then it hit me. Stop doubting the truth of it. Stop trying to process it. Rest in the encouragement.

I don't deserve the opportunities God has given me. There is plenty I can be doing better. But for tonight I'm thankful for amazing friends that speak truth in my life even when it is hard to hear. I've honestly never felt so humbled, encouraged and blessed as I feel tonight.

Thank you, Abba, for your overwhelming grace. It is only because of you that a glimpse of beauty can be seen in this mess. The work you're doing in me is far beyond anything I could have imagined and your plans are much greater than I'll ever be able to conceive.

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