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Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Girls Only

Here are the pictures from Friday night's Girls Only fun. I also thought I would share a few funny moments from the evening.

skoutz: That's not true. I lied.
Tia: Nice. So you took a bite of the apple with Eve?
skoutz: Yup. I sure did. It was wheat-free.

Blake: (reading a Laffy Taffy wrapper) What kind of shoes do mice wear?
skoutz: I don't know! Tiny ones?
Blake: Squeakers
Tia: Aaahhh!!! That is my life verse!

And Eden's life verse...
What do you call a nun sleepwalking?
A Roman Catholic

Yes we ate and read lots of Laffy Taffy wrapper. This has lead me to make an executive decision to open the second chapter of the Laffy Taffy Club. It is a great honor to welcome the new GCC chapter. In honor of this great moment I leave you with this question.

Where do you put noisy dogs?

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