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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live from the Band Room

I may be exhausted today but work has been full of laughter. Some of that laughter was in my head during a conversation with one of my students. When I first started this position this girl couldn't stand me and now she comes to me for all sorts of random advice. Today's topic: BOYS! This conversation may top any conversation that happens in my classroom.

Student: How do you know if a boys likes you?
Miss Koutz: Excuse me, what?! (I was taken a little off guard by this question.)
Student: You know. How do you know if a boy likes you? Like...LIKES you likes you?
Miss Koutz: hmmm....excellent question. Let me know if you figure out the answer.
Student: Ha! No really Miss Koutz. I'm serious. How do you know?
Miss Koutz: Uhh, you did notice there is no ring on my finger right? I'm probably not the best person to ask about this.
Student: I don't care. What do you think?
Miss Koutz: Well I'm not going to pretend like I know. I honestly have no clue. If a boy were to like me he would have to flat out tell me. And then he would have to tell me again later because I would probably laugh at him the first time.
Student: MISS KOUTZ! You would laugh at a boy if he said he liked you?! That isn't nice.
Miss Koutz: Well I wouldn't laugh AT him. I would laugh because I would think he was joking around. I just wouldn't think he was serious.
Student: Miss Koutz that is dumb!
Miss Koutz: Haha...yea it is. Moment of confession...I've done that before.
Student: Miss Koutz! I can't believe you.
Miss Koutz: Well, I'm just keeping it real.

We laughed. I wrote her a pass and sent her off to class. I'm so glad my stupidity is helping others in life.


  1. I'm commenting here, but wanted to say I liked your last two posts. One b/c I just got done taking some time to step away from everything and rest myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (even though I was beat physically) and two, b/c i love your honesty with people in general. Life can kick hard at times, but you are awesome and are doing amazing things. That is your friendly reminder in case you forgot : )

  2. That is Great! Hahahaha! If she only new the Heart break you caused! I love it! You crack me up!

  3. hahahahahaa!! miss koutz...you laughed?? that's mean!

    oh that is so great!

    ...i'm still laughing out loud* this takes the cake for best blog...seriously.

  4. That's hysterical! And I love your flat out honesty with your students. You rock!

  5. This student didn't believe me. As much as I would like to say I made this up, it is true. I still feel bad about it. I honestly thought he was trying to be funny. You live. You learn.