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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sneak Peak

I really want to blog but it is far to late for that tonight. I'm pooped. ISTEP testing makes for a very long week. Students are so brain-dead by the time the get to my class, we can't get anything accomplished. Sorry that was random.

As I was saying, I have lots of things to blog about but no time. Just to wet your appetite here are some upcoming blog posts.

First Wednesday - Tonight was AWESOME!!! Great stories to tell. Can't wait to share them.
Living Examples of Jesus - I have two more to add to the series. Yes I know it has been a long time. Deal with it!
Why Camp? - I know for several camps the price has gone up and the economy is a mess. Several students are thinking of not going. So I'm going to share some thoughts on why I think camp is the place to be this summer. This may be multiple posts.
Adoption Party - I'll be heading home to see the fam and celebrate the adoption of my niece. This means funny quotes and lots of pictures.
Some of you are thinking, yea right this won't happen. You may be right but I don't want to give you that satisfaction. So be patient. It's coming....sometime.

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