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Monday, October 20, 2008

Chaos Theory Reflections

This series is one of the greatest student ministry series ever! We all find ourselves in that place where our plans don't meet up with God's plans. It's pure chaos and nothing makes sense. I'll be the first to admit I've been there. What do you do when your in that place? I don't have all the answers but I do this series has tons of great starting points. The progression of the series just happens to be the same progression of lessons I had to learn on my journey. Isn't that just like God?! Here's a brief look at each week.
  • Week 1: Check Your Posture - Are you caught up so much in what is going on in your world that you are missing the ways God is working around you? Shift your perspective back to Him.
  • Week 2: Live Out Your Responsibility - There are things that God has already called you to do despite the chaos in your life. It is easy to forget about being obedient in those areas when it feels like your world is crashing in around you. What is God calling you to be responsible with right now?
  • Week 3: Wait On God - We can be so quick to just want everything fixed and back to "normal." We don't care out just so the end results get here NOW. But what about the process of getting to that end result. Perhaps that process is far more important than the actual ending point. Are you waiting patiently and learning through the process or are you complaining in hopes the end result comes quicker?
  • Week 4: Trust in the Lord - God has our best interest in mind. He isn't out to make our lives miserable. Beneath all the chaos is a heart issue...trust. Do you believe that God's plan for your life is far greater than anything you can ever imagine? Are you still hanging on to your plan or are you trust God and his plan?
I wish someone would have sat down and shared all this with me when I was in middle school or high school. The prayer of the teaching team has been that our students have taken these four weeks to find where they are in their story and listen to what it is God is trying to say to them. Twice in the series we gave our students the space to ask God questions and to listen to him speak. How much time am I taking to listen to God?

Seriously a great series. God did awesome things!


  1. RYC - I'm not terribly well versed when it comes to literature either. I just know what I've read or what has caught my eye at the local Barnes and Noble. I could probably list on my fingers the number of novels I've read in the last 10 years that weren't assigned. But the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. I actually just finished Fellowship of the Ring and will probably start Two Towers while Nicole watches TV (she's watching TLC...not happening).

  2. as far as having something like this when i was younger - - it would have been challenging...but totally worth it.

    i freaking adore our students! and skoutz, you're wonderful leader. i've heard great things from our students about your speaking last sunday night.

    love you!