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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Off the top of my head...

Jon I'm so glad you got my vague Pinky and the Brain reference. Love that show!

Unlike some of you assumed, my secret plans have nothing to do with boy. Good effort kids. My secret plans to take over the world will start at Sonic with a strawberry limeade...during happy hour!!!!

I'm completely exhausted. Why am I still up? I had more parents come to conferences today than I have in my entire teaching career 0r at least close to it! And, praise Jesus, they all went well.

I started a new healthier diet this week that includes actually eating breakfast. I actually did that for the first time today. Not off to a good start.

I finally broke down and turned the heat on today. Growing up we waited as long as possible to turn it on, all in an effort to save money. We don't pay for our heat but it is still ingrained in my mind.

If you have enjoyed the random comments from my students check out this blog. Students Say the Darndest Things is a collection of quotes from different student ministries. I love it!

I spent 12 hours at work today. That is too much! Praise God for a half day tomorrow. I can clean my apartment!

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  1. Here's the deal -

    you + me + sonic = needs to happen soon! my first time at that place needs to be with you!