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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A lot of nothing...

There are a million things I could, and possibly should have, done tonight. But I didn't. Normally when I blog and say I sat around and did nothing it means...
  • came home
  • changed clothes
  • cleaned up the apartment
  • laundry
  • made a real dinner
  • sorted through e-mails and facebook messages
  • read blogs
  • made some phone calls
  • read or watched TV/movie
  • blogged
  • go to bed
Yes I know that really isn't nothing but for me it is. However, tonight I did much less.
  • warmed up leftovers
  • read a few blogs and facebook messages
  • watched tv (three cheers for The Office!)
  • blogged
That will probably be the closest I'll ever get to nothing. It was wonderful but there is no way I can do it often. I feel like I wasted so much work time. I guess I'm starting to get this idea of down time. May be by the time I'm 80 I'll have it.

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  1. Hey! So far so good. I posted about my first day. Just being Jesus in the mall. :) Way cool to interact with so many creative minds. Shows me a different side of Jesus and His people. It inspires me and I get a discount to buy things in the store! :) haha....

    What seminary class are you taking? From Fuller?

    Hmm... your last paragraph in this post... have you ever done a study on the Sabbath? Whoa. That'll make you take a look at life and why it is important to do NOTHING sometimes (more often than most people do).