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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Colossians Journey Class

I just finished my first adult journey class, taught by my good friend, Jason Miller. I'm proud of him. He did an incredible job teaching and leading us this month. Here are some highlights.
  • You might be running interference so others are safer for the moment. (1:24-25)
  • If you want to grow in Christ you have to connect in different ways.
  • Everything is measured by Christ.
  • We are tempted to think Christ isn't enough. (2:16-23)
  • To be "in Christ" is to be YOU. You don't lose your personality. Your character might need to change.
  • We know we are in Christ and we know who Christ is...so what?! (Chapter 3)
  • We tend to keep things just below the surface. Still does no good.
  • The line between good and evil never runs through us and them but always through the center of ourselves. (Some Russian dude whose name I don't remember.)
  • We should love each other in a way that calls out the the best in each other. (3:18-4:1)
  • Need to go from our knees to our feet. Prayer to Action (4:2-5)

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