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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This was week two of Chaos Theory. (More on that later) Sunday night Ted lead our high school students through part of his story and what it means to live out our responsibility when chaos breaks out. He challenged us to ask God what it is we need to be responsible with in our lives. Where is God asking us to live out out responsibility? Then he gave us some space without distraction to listen and talk to God.

I went into that time fully expecting to get a certain answer. As Ted shared, I was pretty sure I knew what God was getting at. So I found my space and prayed, "God I'm pretty sure I know what you are trying to tell me but I'm going to just sit and listen. What is the one area where you are specifically asking me to live out this responsibility?" Then I listened...

WOAH! Was I ever wrong? God threw me a curve ball that I was not expecting. I liked his answer far better than mine but it sure is a lot harder. All week I've been praying for wisdom and guidance because I'm not quite sure I know how to hit this curve ball. I'm laying in bed listening to the rain fall outside my window and I'm dreaming about where God may be going with this.

It is exciting. It is nerve-wracking. I'm humbled. I feel a little inadequate...okay a lot inadequate. I'm praying God will use me and speak through me. We'll see what happens!

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  1. Okay the suspense is killing me. We HAVE to hang out soon.