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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Isn't that just like God?!

Afternoon conferences are the worst! I sit in my room alone bored out of my mind. No one ever comes to see the band director. This afternoon was no different. But then this happened.

Miss Koutz: (in my head) Man I wish that group of students were here to just hang out. Imagine if they started living for Jesus. I guess I'll pray for them. God, student #1 and student #2 need you...

Student #1 & #2:
MISS KOUTZ!!! We came to hang out with you.

Miss Koutz: That is awesome!!!! Seriously, I was just thinking about you guys. I'm so excited you guys are here.
Isn't that just like God?! You guys know I'm not good enough to make that one up. They stuck around for about an hour and helped me with some things in the room. We continued an earlier conversation about GSM. I love how God opens doors. I have such awesome students!!!!

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