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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chaos Theory

I'll probably blog about this again tonight so here is a short preview. I'm going to be speaking to our middle school students next weekend to wrap up our current series Chaos Theory. It is about the will of God and what happens when our will doesn't line up with his. What do we do when that happens. I've been working on the message most of the afternoon and am blown away by how great our God is. He never fails. Why do I always try to put my plans above his when I know his are so much greater?

I've been praying for weeks about this series. If our students can begin to wrap their hearts and minds around this concept, look out. We have such incredible students and when they start to put God's will first, no one will be able to stop them. I am confident God has huge things in store for this year.

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  1. Sarah, can I just tell you that I completely relate to your scatterbrained entry??? I feel like I have been thinking in bullet lists of randomness for the past week! I'm with ya! And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets in the car and drives to think (thank goodness it's becoming a bit more affordable...)