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Friday, October 24, 2008

Secret Plans...Part 2

Two reasons for keeping this weekend's plans a secret.
1. I'm surprising the person/people I'm going to see and they may just read this blog.
2. I don't really know what we're doing. This is a weekend of playing everything by ear. Eeek!

I enjoyed having the afternoon off and took a nap. The nap was much longer than planned so I'm behind schedule and didn't get as much done around the apartment as I wanted. Like any road trip, the iPod is charged and the bag is packed. A few quick errands and I'm off...to take over the world.

...or to Sonic...


  1. you - - playing the weekend by ear?!
    ur kidding!??

    ....please don't freak out, please don't freak out, please don't freak out! =) hahaha

    Love you!
    Safe Travels!

  2. RYC - Well, we're talking one of four (and it's one that I haven't PLAYED played in over a year and a half...probably since I left GLCC). AND I'm selling it to get cash for another guitar. Talk about a tough choice. I guess we'll see if anyone wants it.