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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


There are so many amazing things I could post about tonight. Unfortunately, I always wait until the end of the night to post. By this time of night I'm so exhausted my thoughts are so jumbled I confuse myself.

Over the last month God has started to reveal a little bit more of the plan he has for my life. This weekend I found myself discouraged and wondering if I was hearing him right. Today I had a conversation with an individual who shared some of the strongest words of confirmation you could imagine. I walked away from the conversation so encouraged and so challenge to keep taking steps forward.

This is kind of encouragement is so important. If we don't encourage each other as we travel this journey it is easy to lose focus, to second guess yourself and get discouraged. I often find myself wondering if I'm doing all that I can do to encourage those around me. Encouragement charges me. I think about how pumped up I get after someone encourages me. I want to share the same energy boost with others.

These are the questions I'm asking myself tonight? How would you answer them?

Who am I encouraging?
Who should I be encouraging?
Who around me needs some extra encouragement?
Who can I make a quick phone call to or send a quick note?

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