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Sunday, September 14, 2008


I love Sundays for many reasons. Here are some reasons why I loved today.

- I know we have had a done of rain this weekend, over 10 inches in two days to be exact, but I love rain. Of course I don't like all the damage that has come with the large amounts we've had. I'm not sick of it yet. Hearing it outside my window makes me smile.
- Great times in the special friends room today. Dominic is hilarious. I love hanging out with that kid. His new friend Jeff came down after service just to say hello to him. It was awesome.
- Good deals at Meijer and I got everything I needed without my list.
- Unexpected call from a friend = always a good thing! I might not like talking on the phone that much but when a friend calls just to say, "Hey, I'm thinking of you!" that means a lot to me.
- Seth is forgiving of my forgetful memory when I show up late to his rehearsal because I can't remember where I put my wallet and keys.
- GSM!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast playing with the band tonight. DC and Steph did a phenominal job teaching about relationships. I'll post more on that tomorrow after I process some more. I had some great conversations with some of my middle school and high school girls after each service. We had a great leaders meeting to keep things rolling.
- I get to spend my entire day with friends. There is nothing I love to do more than hang out with my friends. It never gets old to me. They may get sick of me but oh well.

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