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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Lowdown

I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!! Seriously you have no idea how much I love Sundays. They are always so much fun and today was no exception.
  • I finished reading The Shack and it didn't take my several months to do it!
  • Dominic was hilarious today. He was full of energy and we had so much fun today.
  • I finished putting the finishing touches on a couple gifts. I'm not completely satisfied but they turned out okay.
  • We had a great GSM band rehearsal with sound checks done in record time. I love playing with those guys.
  • GSM-Middle School - I did not play well at all. The guys were very patient with me. I had the chance to catch up with some of the girls from my small group last year. LOVE THEM! They have grown in many ways since they started middle school.
  • GSM Group Leader meeting went well. Quick rehearsal to fix a few things from the first service and learn a new intro to opening song. I got the layout for the next teaching serious, Chaos Theory, it is going to be incredible. I'm very excited about it.
  • GSM-High School - Things went much better with the band during this service. We had a great dance party after service was over. Jeff busted out all the great camp dances.
  • Lots of laughs with students and leaders. After GSM a few of us ordered Jimmy Johns and devoured it in no time. I even wrote a song about my unwich. I spent some time while hanging out in Jeffrey's office eating Skittles. He is the greatest little brother EVER!
Sundays are the best. Even when I have a off-day and play horrible during service, Sundays rock. There is so much joy and excitement on Sundays. I need to find a better way to carry that through out the week.

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