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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not a Typical Day

My morning at school was anything but normal. I was late getting there because I got stuck behind a bus that decided to stop in the middle of the street to have a five hour long conversation with the mother at the bus stop. I'm not talking about a short exchange. I was not impressed. My principal made cracks about it all morning.

There was some confusion about the time of our website training this morning. Once we actually got started our network started acting up and we lost our internet connection. We switched gears to brainstorming design and content. We laid out the final plan just as the network was back up and running. We ran through some quick training and decided to completely redo our final plan. Back to the brainstorming. The short 45 minute training ended up being almost 2 hours. I'm excited about the changes though. It will make my job a little easier and our website a much more effective tool for teachers and parents.

That meant I missed most of my morning classes and most of my plan time. I was nervous about how the next class would go since I had been running around all morning. All of my afternoon classes did a great job. There were two classes that should amazing improvement. I was so proud of them and I made sure they knew it.

Students need to hear when they have done well. We all like to know when we've done a good job. Unfortunately, many students don't ever hear that positive feedback. I love the days when there is more well done's than phrases of redirection. I'm praying tomorrow will go just as well.

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