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Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Million Minutes - Week 3

This is our series promo that Jeffrey made for our Two Million Minutes series at GSM. This week DC and Stephanie helped us take a look at healthy relationships. They did an incredible job! So incredible I thought I would share what I walked away with from the night.

Healthy relationships include...
1. Sincerity
2. Proximity (if you don't live close you make the effort to keep in contact)
3. Accountability (at some level)
4. Authenticity

It isn't about surrounding yourself with people but doing life with a few close friends.

Why we need healthy relationships...
1. We need encouragement.
2. l need to be heard.
3. We need to be influenced and influence others in a positive way. (accountability)
4. We were created for relationships

Jesus needed close relationships. He had a group of 12 disciple but he also had an inner circle of three who did life with him on a deeper level. If Jesus needed this community, surely we need the same kind of community.

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  1. RYC - No, I have not ready "The Shack" but I have heard of it, and I read and loved Pilgrim's Progess (in fact, I based my senior worship-recital around it). I'm currently digging into Dostoevsky's "Notes from Underground" and more Tolkien, but I should add "The Shack" to the list. Thanks for the recommendation!