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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too Much, Too Little

Too many stories to tell and not enough time to tell them.

Journey Classes started tonight. I was going to be attending Jason's class, Overcoming Failure, but ended up working with our GSM class. I lead a group of middle school girls and had an awesome time digging into the Scripture. I'm excited about this month's topic, Walking with Jesus Daily.

DC and Brooke are so much fun. They've allowed me to go over to their house and hang out the last couple weeks. We talked about how well Journey Classes went and a little about our days. Then we finished watching a Tyler Perry movie we started last week. Good movies. Good friends. Good times. Although DC did try to kill me twice. Once by offering me wheat and the second time by causing a picture frame to fall off the wall and almost land on my head. Last time it fell the glass shattered. I would have been a goner!

Teaching is such an emotional job. I don't understand how some teachers are so patient. I can't handle disrespect and irresponsibility. Taking a deep breath and biting my tongue sometimes is difficult for me. Today I found out one of my students lost her dad this week. This is the second student in our student ministry to have lost a parent this month. This is my second student from school to have lost a father. This is becoming way too common for my liking. I can't even begin to imagine how they feel.

School website training happens tomorrow morning. My principal and I are meeting with two of our tech people from downtown (or wherever they come from) to see what more we can do with our website. We don't like all the limitations we have right now. It should be interesting. How the band director became in charge of the website is beyond me!!!

Goals...they aren't going as well as I would like. I'm trying not to get to down about it. I need to set some clearer boundaries with my time and stick with it. Hopefully I'll get back on track the rest of this week.

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