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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More than a teacher... Part 2

Last year I started at class blog to communicate with students and parents. Our principal loved it and selected me as one of three teachers to attend an in-service that would test out our new websites that would be launched during this current school year. I must have been the only teacher that stuck it out because I am now our site manager. Add that to the hats that teachers wear.

I've spent most of my day working on that site only to run into problem after problem. Tomorrow we are training the rest of our staff on how to create their own personal pages. I was really excited about it until all of the problems today. I'm not feeling very confident in my ability to answer questions as teachers start building their pages.

I think teacher education programs should require students to take a class specifically on the different hats that teachers have to wear. It may be the most useful class and education major would take.

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  1. Can I just say that those classes should be required for teachers as well as anyone in ministry! Haha, oh the many hats I've been asked to wear. It's fun, and means you constantly get to learn new things, but I definitely understand that feeling of "Oh boy, am I really going to be able to effectively communicate this???"

    I'm sure you'll be great!