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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rainy Day Plans

I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't even gone to sleep. I drove to school sipping my coffee and praying for patience and endurance. It has been a frustrating week and I felt God nudging me to throw out the books today. That goes against everything in me as a teacher. At first I reasoned my way out of the idea but by the time I got to work I had most of the new lesson plans finished in my head.

I decided to name my new plans after the weather. I gave my classes this choice - regular rehearsal plans OR rainy day plans. All I told them is that the rainy day plans didn't include a quiz. Of course they all chose the rainy day option. I gave each student the chance to write down any appropriate and respectful question they wanted me to answer. I answered some of them today and will save the others for another rainy day. Then I gave them three random questions to answer.

We had some great conversations and I learned a lot about my students and their dreams. They learned some new things about me that I probably never would have told them. We laughed together and had a good day. Sometimes you just have to throw the book out.

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