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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Workout Party

I just got back a little bit ago from my first workout party with Brooke Curry. She is the greatest! I've been talking to her for a long time about the benefits of working out and my hatred for the traditional "work out at the gym" plans. After hurting my ankle this spring, I realized just how much I needed to work out. That injury slowed me down immensely and the recovery has been slow.

Finally, I decided I needed to just get a plan and do it. She came up with a perfect solution. She became my personal trainer. Once a week I meet her at the gym and we work out for about an hour. The workout she developed for me is perfect. It focuses on strengthening my weak ankle, improving my balance, building my arm strength for conducting and staying flexible. The hour flew by.

I was so nervous about being able to keep up with her. She is phenominal coach. If you live in this area and are struggling to get moving, you should stop by Anytime Fitness and talk to her. It is worth it. Seriously, if I can do this...anyone can!

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