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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cheer up

This weekend was surprisingly a rough one for various reasons. Depressing posts are fun to write, nor are they fun to read. So to keep that from happening I decided to post some great quotes from the last few weeks.

Last Friday night I went to dinner with J, Angie, Bonnie and Kevin. Afterwards we went over to the Mann Mansion to hang out.
J: Do you know how to get there Sarah?
Sarah: Yea I'm good.
J: Good cause I would hate for you to get lost with all that wheat out there in the world.

Later while watching the Olympics together J randomly pinched Angie.
Sarah: (hitting J) Don't hurt my friend.
J: (hitting me) Don't hit me.
Angie: (hitting J) Don't hit her. She can't eat wheat. She is already missing out on so many good things in life.

This is actually from a facebook discussion getting the band ready for our GSM fall kickoff. Jeff had sent us a message asking if we were able to play that week. Riley is our amazing drummer.
Riley: Cool with me. Jeff are you playing bass? Or drums? (not even two seconds later) That was a dumb question...

Friday night my camera broke, which really upsets me. To make it even worse, I'm suppose to be taking pictures for my sisters this weekend. I absolutely love that camera. It takes some incredible pictures. I called my mom almost in tears (laugh if you want) to tell her what happened.
Sarah: Mom, my camera broke last night and I don't think I can fix it.
Mom: Oh dear, Sarah lost her right hand.

Jeff's reaction to the camera breaking.
Jeff: This is God's way of telling you to switch to digital already.

DC's reaction to the camera breaking. I'm telling you, I really upset about this.
Sarah: DC, I'm so sad. My camera broke this weekend.
DC: Oh no.
Sarah: Jeff said it was God's way of telling me to switch to digital.
DC: I was thinking it but I didn't want to say anything.
Sarah: Whatever happened to the mourn with those who mourn bit.

Random Quotes:
Brooke: I saw him and did the mature thing. I turned and looked the other way.

Jeff: You got tuba-d!

Dominic: (to me) Ernie! Ernie! There's an elephant in my sock drawer

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