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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Mocha Days...

In college my friend, Jason, and I would measure our busy days by the number of mochas we had consumed in order to have the energy to get everything done. The last two days have been two mocha days.

Thursday I ended up working late and then grabbing dinner with Brooke. That is guaranteed fun! Afterward I did laundry, packed and started cleaning my apartment before I met Eric and Mary for coffee. I love hanging out with them. They are so encouraging.

Today was an insane day at school. We had a surprise fire drill in the middle of lunch. That is probably one of the worst times to have one. I was proud of my students though. They handled it very well. After school, my parents met me at my apartment and we started our road trip to Missouri. It was one of the best drives out here, except for the entire time we were near Chicago! I did the smart thing and let Dad drive that stretch. We listened to tons of good music, mostly Rich Mullins this time around, and had great conversation.

We have a full schedule planned for today. We are meeting my Aunt Poppy and Uncle Tarry (Dad’s twin) this morning. Anna has an alumni volleyball at Hannibal-LaGrange around noon. We’ll grab lunch after that and then hit up the pool at the hotel and some parks around Hannibal. Our family likes parks, especially me! I’ll be testing out the new camera today.

Random Quotes

Miss Koutz: I know. Miss Koutz is a mean teacher. You’ll have to deal with it.
Student: Your not mean, Miss Koutz.
Miss Koutz: Awe, well thanks John.
Student: You’re just misunderstood.

I drove most of the trip. Dad sits in the passenger seat throwing in his two cents every now and then. Mom navigates from the back, telling us when every car in front of us breaks, reminding us we are getting too close to the lane’s edge and other similar things that nervous riders say.
Sarah: Mom, it is okay. We’ve got some great tunes. You’re good. Dad’s good. I’m good. We’re all good.
Dad: (to Sarah) May be she could ride back with Matthew.
Sarah: No, who is going to tell us where to go.
Mom: Oh, I’ll tell you where to go!!!!

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