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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


NEW IDEA...Scatterbrained posts will be completely random that follow no logical order to anyone else but myself. For you the reader, it is an frightening inside look at my train of thought. Basically it is a conversation with myself. Don't get too scared...please.
  • I had a bunch of paper work I planned on finishing today night. Instead I managed to successfully find a way to slack off the entire night and accomplish nothing for school. Tomorrow is going to be rough.
  • But, I've started Chicag08 follow up. Our students made some huge commitments this summer. I love it. How do I do this effectively?
  • Respect - I should do a post on that. Stink, I could do 45 posts on that.
  • I can't believe I just now realized that an important facebook message I wrote on August 5th was sent to myself instead of the person it was intended for. No wonder why nothing has happened.
  • Toronto has a museum of shoes...interesting.
  • Good times with Jeannette at Hacienda. It is great to have my friend back in town.
  • I still can't believe Brooke broke into my apartment last night...with a key.
  • It is going to be an awesome year for GSM (Granger Student Ministries). I'm so excited to be a part of it.
  • I want a job where I get paid to have fun.
  • I've gotten calls from three of my four siblings this week. I love them. My brother's position was eliminated and he is now out of work. That stinks big time.
  • Seriously, you sent the message to yourself instead of another person. How did you do that? What were you thinking?
  • You dropped the ball today in class. You've got to find a new way to organize 48 students in one class.
  • What books do I had to my reading list for this new challenge? Any suggestions?
Now some of you are thinking, "How did she go from facebook message to a shoe museum?" Welcome to my world!

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  1. Geee I wonder who that email was suppose to go to??? Maybe Brooke should have noticed the "to" section while she was reading the entire thing 100 times*

    U crack me up!*

    LOVE YOU!*