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Friday, August 15, 2008

Reflections from the Classroom

This is a new series I plan on writing every Friday obviously about my week at school. I'll share some lessons I've learned and observations I've made. Most of you probably won't care about it, but there are a few educators who might appreciate some of the stories. Of course, it will be in the list format. Who doesn't love a numbered list or bullet points?!


1. Too many names! - The first week is all about learning names and teaching rules and procedures. You really don't get much else done. I only have a little over 200 students this year but it still seems like a ton of names.

2. Process over Content - This is part of the new approach for this year. The thought is that even though the first weeks will show slower progress, once the process is understood the rate of improvement is much higher than just teaching content.

3. Teaching can get emotional - Today I had to have a serious talk with one of my bands. Many of the students last year and most of them are making very poor choices. They are heading down paths that are going to take them places they don't want to go. My heart breaks when I see them continue to make these choices. I tried to share with them how much they matter and how much value they hold. I tried to help them see the potential that each of them have. I keep praying they will start to understand it.

4. Encourage your colleagues - There are lots of staff changes this year. None of the changes are bad. It just takes a little time to make the adjustments. I've found myself spending a lot more time encouraging my colleagues than I ever have before. In the process I've started to build some awesome relationships with a few staff members I probably wouldn't have. I'm excited to see where God takes those relationships.


  1. You survived your first week! Let's get together to talk Sunday afternoon. give me a ring.

  2. Some people organize books by title, some by author. I organize mine my topic and then (within those groups) chronologically based on date of authorship (with things like works of fiction) or the date of the subject matter (with things like history books). Although, in all honesty, the books in the picture I just tossed up there randomly.

    I'd love to hear your comments on the previous post. I anxiously await what you have to say.