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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun School Moments

This conversation happened in the office around 4:15 on a Friday afternoon. Karla is our principal.
Sarah: Karla, when I came down to talk to you this morning. I had another question to ask you but you were busy.
Karla: Well what is it?
Sarah: I just wondered if you ever felt the urge to do somersaults down the back hallway by your office?
Karla: Ha! No. Do you?
Sarah: Yea...I almost did it this morning.

In the office early this morning. Jana is our secretary.
Sarah: Do you guys ever just want to plop down on the middle of this floor and take a nap?
Jana: What?!
Sarah: Do you ever just want to take a nap in the middle of the floor?
Jana: SARAH KOUTZ! Why...What...I...What...You...
Sarah: Oh come on! Weren't you here when I asked Karla about the somersaults.
Jana: Yes I was and you would do it. If anyone would, it would be you! Someday when there aren't any students in this building, I'm going to call you up on that.
Sarah: I'll do it! I'll take that nap too...

Right before class started this morning.
Student #1: Miss Koutz, you know what helps me remember my locker combination each morning?
Miss Koutz: No. What? Please tell me.
Student #1: I know if I don't remember it you'll yell at me.

After joking around with a group of 8th graders who thought I dismissed them early from class and tried to leave
Miss Koutz: Kids these days! What are you suppose to do with them.
Student #2: I don't no, Miss Koutz. That's why I'm not having any. I don't know how you do it.

An after school conversation with some of my 8th grade trumpet players who want me to stay after school with them everyday so they can practice and not have to take their instruments home.
Miss Koutz: I can't stay after school every night. I have meetings. I give private lessons.
Student #3: Oh sweet. Can I get some private lessons.
Miss Koutz: Sure you could hire me and I would teach you.
Student #3: How much?
Miss Koutz: I usually charge $18 for a 30 minute lesson.
Student #3: (Completely serious) Awe no way man. I was thinking like $5 for an hour.
Another Teacher: HA! I wouldn't teach anything for that price.

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