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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fairly Productive Day...

Today was a fairly productive day.
  • School - I pushed my older student today and they did well. High energy is the key. I was able to square some things away with our local music store to get some equipment we needed. I made a billion phone calls and am almost caught up with all the parent's questions. Overall...good day.
  • Accountability - The last few years I've been blessed to have this amazing women of God helping me keep myself on track. Today I had the chance to meet with her and we were able to schedule a regular time to meet each month. She not only helps hold me accountable but has taught me so much about looking at situations from different angles.
  • Personal goals - One huge goal for the next six months is to take care of myself and stay healthy. I never work out. I have no good excuse, I just don't do it. So my friend, Brooke, is going to help me make it a priority. We will be working out together once a week. I'm nervous already.
  • Camera - I may have done something very stupid and emptied my saving account to buy a new digital camera to replace my wonderful film camera that died. I'm wishing now I hadn't but I did.
  • Friends - I made some tentative plans to hang out with my good friends Eric and Mary tomorrow night. I love it when they come to town to see Eric's family because it means I might get to see them. I love them!!!!
  • Special Friends - I had to run errands at the church while our special friends leaders were meeting. I had no clue that was scheduled but I was able to share some information with them that they needed for that meeting. It was a God thing.
  • Family - My sister Lois called me today after her doctor's appointment. She's having a girl!!!!!!! Hopefully, she'll be having the baby over Christmas break, while I'm there visiting.
I like fairly productive days. However, if I would have had the chance to make scones tonight and actually done more paperwork, I would have called this a highly productive day.

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