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Monday, August 04, 2008

Fantastic Weekend

Another bullet point post! I love those. This weekend wasn't what I was expecting to be. It was much better.

Reasons Why This was a Fantastic Four Day Weekend
  • Birthday party for my incredibly fun niece, Amanda
  • Heather AKA Miniature Sarah got baptized
  • Saturday Secret - Daddy's Pancakes!!!
  • Ditto and other fun games with Logan, Taylor, Amanda and Emily
  • Hanging drywall with Dad
  • Worshiping at my home church (this might become a post of its own)
  • Trying to expose my parents to the culture of the school where I teach
  • Lunch with Wally, Steph and my little sister Hannah
  • Hanging out with James
  • Roommate bonding later tonight!

1 comment:

  1. You know, contrary to a previos post, you did not sing non-stop at your niece's birthday party.

    Glad we got to hang out today. I hope you had fun with your room mate because I grilled those steaks to perfection!

    Good luck with your in-services.