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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dance Party!!!

I love serving in the special friends room. Dominic has grown in so many ways over the last year. He makes up all sorts of games and things to play when we hang out on Sunday mornings.
  • Today we played one of his favorites, slap-go. It is a Dominic original. I give him a five and he takes a step until we've reached the other end of the room. He loves it.
  • We danced a lot today. Sometimes it was to the music on the CD player and sometimes it was to whatever song he started singing. Today's shocking musical selection was Stars and Stripes. We branched out in our dance styles today to include interruptive dancing.
  • We played Sesame Street. He was Bert and I was Ernie. We found an elephant in the sock drawer, a monkey in the bed and an alligator under the bed.
  • We made our own marching band. Of course Dominic was the drummer. He has some serious talent.
  • And of course no Sunday would be complete with out the tickles game. Of course Brad won this game again.
I wish everyone I know could meet Dominic. The kid is just that cool!

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