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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Small Enough

I'm not real big on posting the lyrics to songs on blogs. I don't have a problem when others do. I just don't usually do it. But this song has been stirring in my head all evening. So I've asked myself why? I don't have any great answers but here are my thoughts.

I often forget how HUGE God is. I usually find myself putting him in a box. The last few weeks it has been the opposite. I've experienced the bigness of God and I've had him show me more of his greatness. My view of him is growing and I love it. But after a tough class, the bigness of God makes him seem out of my reach. I have this great, huge, magnificent God but when I second guess a call I made in class, I wonder if he has the right person for the job. If I mess up, will he have the time to deal with little me?

Don't get me wrong, really today was a good day. I have nothing to complain about. There are just times when I see a glimpse of how mighty God is and it is overwhelming to know he has chosen me. His greatness doesn't fit in my small world and I'm not sure how to handle that sometimes. Today this song helps portray this struggle of grasping all of His greatness in our finite world.

Small Enough - Nichole Nordeman
Oh great God be small enough to hear me now
There were times when I was crying
From the dark of Daniel's den
I had asked you once or twice

If you would part the sea again

Tonight I do not need a fiery pillar in the sky

Just want to know you're gonna hold me if I start to cry

Oh great God be small enough to hear me now

Oh great God be close enough to feel you now

There have been moments when I could not face

Goliath on my own

And how could I forget we’ve marched

Around our share of Jerichos

But I will not be setting out a fleece for you tonight

Just wanna know that everything will be alright

Oh great god be close enough to feel me now

All praise and all the honor be

To the god of ancient mysteries

Whose every sign and wonder

Turn the pages of our history

But tonight my heart is heavy

And I cannot keep from whispering this prayer

Are you there?

And I know you could leave writing

On the wall that's just for me

Or send wisdom while I'm sleeping

Like in Solomon's sweet dreams

But I don't need the strength of Sampson

Or a chariot in the end

Just wanna know that you still know how many hairs are on my head

Oh great God be small enough to hear me now

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